Space Lego

Space Lego

The Lego Space theme features astronauts and spaceships. It was introduced in 1978. Space was one of the most expansive themes in Lego history, and contained over 200 individual sets. It was marketed under the Legoland banner until 1991. The banner's name was changed to Lego System in 1992.

The Lego Space theme was dropped to make way for Lego Star Wars in 1999, but it made a brief appearance in 2001 with Life on Mars, before returning as a staple in 2007 with Mars Mission. More recent sub-themes are Alien Conquest, released in 2011, and Lego City Space, also released in 2011. Another theme called Galaxy Squad will be released in 2013 and is seen as a tribute to the old "Insectoids" line by most fans.

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