South Asian Numbering System

The South Asian numbering system, used today in the Indian subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal), is based on the Vedic numbering system that groups numbers by two decimal places, rather than the three decimal places commonplace in most parts of the world. This system of measurement introduces separators into numbers in places appropriate to the two-digit grouping. The terms lakh and crore are widely used today in Indian English and Pakistani English.

For example, in India, 30 million (3 crore) rupees would be written as ‍3,00,00,000 (or INR 3,00,00,000) with commas at the thousand, lakh, and crore levels, instead of INR 30,000,000; 1 billion (100 crore = one hundred crore) is written as 100,00,00,000. Very large sums are almost always expressed in terms of lakh and crore.

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