Solid Support

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Branched DNA Assay
... From the base up, a branched DNA assay begins with a dish or some other solid support (e.g ... oligonucleotide bind to the target nucleic acid and immobilize it on a solid support ... The immobilization of the target on a solid support makes extensive washing easier, which reduces false positive results ...
Biomolecular Engineering of Molecules - Polymerase Chain Reaction - Biomolecular Engineering Techniques Involved in PCR
... design method is the initial bioimmobilization of a nucleotide to a solid support ... a covalent bond between the 3’-hydroxy group of the first nucleotide of the primer and the solid support material ... groups, coupling of subsequent nucleotides, and eventual cleaving from the solid support are all methods of manipulation of biomolecules that can be attributed to biomolecular ...
Affinity Chromatography - Specific Uses - Immunoaffinity
... The protein can then be covalently coupled to a solid support such as agarose and used as an affinity ligand in purifications of antibody from immune serum ... The serum is then separated from the solid support and allowed to bind to the GST-fusion protein matrix ... recognize the antigen to be captured on the solid support ...
Peptide Synthesis - Solid Supports
... The name solid support implies that reactions are carried out on the surface of the support, but this is not the case ... Reactions also occur within these particles, and thus the term "solid support" better describes the insolubility of the polymer ... The physical properties of the solid support, and the applications to which it can be utilized, vary with the material from which the support is constructed, the amount of cross-linking, as well as ...

Famous quotes containing the words support and/or solid:

    An ordinary man will work every day for a year at shoveling dirt to support his body, or a family of bodies; but he is an extraordinary man who will work a whole day in a year for the support of his soul. Even the priests, men of God, so called, for the most part confess that they work for the support of the body.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    An idea ran back and forward in his head like a blind man, knocking over the solid furniture.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896–1940)