Softball At The 2004 Summer Olympics – Team Squads - China

Position No. Player Birth Club in 2004
P 4 Lu Wei JUN/21/1983
IF 5 Deng Xiaoling AUG/26/1974 Sichuan
P 7 Li Qi OCT/30/1983 Dalian
C 8 Mi Renrong SEP/07/1977
IF 9 Wang Xiaoyan NOV/13/1970 Zhengzhou City
IF 10 Zhang Ai SEP/23/1981 Shanghai Sports School
OF 11 Mu Xia APR/08/1974 Tianjin
IF 12 Wu Di MAR/01/1982
P 15 Wei Qiang APR/25/1972 Beijing
IF 18 Li Chunxia MAR/04/1977
OF 19 Zhou Yi JUL/20/1983 Chengdu City
P 21 Zhang Lixia JAN/25/1977 Lanzhou
OF 23 Luo Lin APR/06/1979
IF 25 Tao Hua DEC/12/1972 Shanghai
C 29 Guo Jia SEP/24/1980 Changsha
Bench Coaches
Treshan McDonald FEB/10/1959
Coach Xu Fumin AUG/11/1954
Coach Chen Wenyuan JAN/15/1963

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