Shockwave (Transformers) - Transformers Animated

Transformers Animated

Sub-group Voyagers
Function Double agent, Second in Command, Decepticon Sneak Intelligence Soldier (Takara)
Rank 8 (Takara)
Motto "Secrets are the foundation of power."
Alternate Modes Longarm (Autobot Disguise)/Cybertronian Tank (As Shockwave)/Cybertronian Crane (As Longarm)
Series Transformers Animated
English voice actor Corey Burton
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama

This incarnation of Shockwave has the ability to change his body, using this power to assume the guise of Longarm in order to creep up the Autobot ranks and serve Megatron incognito. To further his guise, changing his actual G1 color scheme to a gray pattern, Shockwave provides his Longarm guise with an alt-mode like that of a burly rough terrain crane. His actual alt-mode is heavily based on the tank mode of Transformers Armada's Megatron. Corey Burton reprises the English-accented, David Warner-inspired voice for the character, but when Shockwave is in the disguise of Longarm, he speaks in an American accent. Furthermore, while this Shockwave's voice sounds identical to that of his G1 self, Longarm's voice sounds much younger than Shockwave himself. Corey Burton revealed Shockwave's inclusion in Season 2 arose from a between scenes conversation he had with the production team, regarding how little the original Shockwave actually had to do.

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