Sewer Line

  • (noun): A main in a sewage system.
    Synonyms: sewer main

Some articles on sewers, line, sewer line:

Laurel Park Incorporated - Site History
... DEP did not allow the collection system to flow into the municipal sewers until an additional separate leachate line was installed in December 1989 ... Agency ordered the owners of the landfill to construct a sewer line connecting the leachate collection system to the Naugatuck Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant ... The sewer line was installed to alleviate the serious problem of overflow of contaminated leachate from a manhole on the Laurel Park site ...
Vacuum Sewerage - Limitations - Collection Chambers / Vacuum Valves
... the valve shall open only, if the low pressure inside the vacuum sewer line is strong enough to ensure reliable transport otherwise, an alarm is sent to the control center ... low pressure in the adjacent vacuum line ... and 40 l (depending on adjustment and valve) portions of effluent are sucked into the sewer line ...
Marvin Heemeyer - Zoning Dispute
... including "junk cars on the property and not being hooked up to the sewer line" ... the concrete plant's property to hook up with the sewer line ... He could not function without the sewer line and the cooperation of the town ...

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