Seven Days Union Order of Battle - Army of The Potomac - V Corps

V Corps

BG Fitz J. Porter

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

BG George W. Morell

1st Brigade

BG John H. Martindale

  • 2nd Maine: Col Charles W. Roberts
  • 18th Massachusetts: Col James Barnes
  • 22nd Massachusetts: Col Jesse A. Gove (k); Maj William S. Tilton (w&c); Cpt Walter S. Sampson; Cpt D.K. Wardwell
  • 1st Michigan: Col Horace S. Roberts
  • 13th New York: Col Elisha G. Marshall; Maj Francis A. Schoeffel
  • 25th New York: Maj Edwin S. Gilbert (c); Cpt Shepard Gleason
  • 2nd Company, Massachusetts Sharpshooters: Lt Charles D. Stiles
2nd Brigade

BG Charles Griffin

  • 9th Massachusetts: Col Thomas Case (mw); Ltc Patrick R. Guiney
  • 4th Michigan: Col Dwight A. Woodbury (k); Ltc Jonathan W. Childs (w); Cpt John M. Randolph
  • 14th New York: Col James McQuade
  • 62nd Pennsylvania: Col Samuel W. Black (k); Ltc Jacob B. Sweitzer (w&c); Cpt James Hull
3rd Brigade

BG Daniel Butterfield

  • 12th New York: Ltc Robert M. Richardson
  • 17th New York: Col Henry S. Lansing
  • 44th New York: Ltc James C. Rice
  • 16th Michigan: Col T.B.W. Stockton (c); Ltc John V. Ruele
  • 83rd Pennsylvania: Col John W. McLane (k); Cpt Hugh S. Campbell (w)
  • Brady's Company Michigan Sharpshooters: Cpt Kin S. Dygert

Cpt William B. Weeden

  • 3rd Massachusetts Light Artillery: Cpt Augustus P. Martin
  • 5th Massachusetts Light Artillery: Lt John B. Hyde
  • 1st Rhode Island, Battery C: Lt Richard Waterman
  • Battery D, 5th U.S. Light Artillery: Lt Henry W. Kingsbury

Col Hiram Berdan

  • 1st U.S. Sharpshooter Regiment: Col Hiram Berdan

Second Division

BG George Sykes

1st Brigade

Ltc Robert C. Buchanan

  • 3rd United States: Maj Nathan B. Rossell (k); Cpt Thomas W. Walker; Cpt John D. Wilkins
  • 4th United States: Maj Delozier Davidson (c); Cpt Joseph B. Collins
  • 12th U.S.: Maj Henry B. Clitz (w&c); Cpt John G. Read; Cpt Matthew M. Blunt
  • 14th U.S.: Cpt John D. O'Connell
2nd Brigade

Ltc William Chapman
Maj Charles S. Lovell

  • 2nd United States: Cpt Adolphus F. Bond; Lt John S. Poland
  • 6th United States: Cpt Thomas Hendrickson
  • 10th U.S.: Maj Charles S. Lovell; Maj George L. Andrews
  • 11th U.S.: Maj De Lancey Floyd-Jones
  • 17th U S.: Maj George L. Andrews
3rd Brigade

Col Gouverneur K. Warren

  • 5th New York: Ltc Hiram Duryee
  • 10th New York: Col John E. Bendix

Cpt Stephen H. Weed

  • Battery L and M, 3rd U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt John Edwards
  • Battery I, 5th U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Stephen H. Weed

Third Division (Pennsylvania Reserves)

BG George A. McCall (c)
BG Truman Seymour

1st Brigade

BG John F. Reynolds (c)
Col Seneca G. Simmons (k)
Col R. Biddle Roberts

  • 1st Pennsylvania Reserves: Col R. Biddle Roberts; Maj Lemuel Todd
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Ltc William McCandless
  • 5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Seneca G. Simmons; Ltc Joseph W. Fisher
  • 8th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col George S. Hays
  • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves, Companies A, B, D, E, F and K (Also known as the 1st Rifles): Maj Roy Stone
2nd Brigade

BG George G. Meade (w)
Col Albert L. Magilton

  • 3rd Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Horatio G. Sickel
  • 4th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Albert L. Magilton
  • 7th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Elisha B. Harvey
  • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Thomas F. Gallagher (c); Cpt Daniel S. Porter
3rd Brigade

BG Truman Seymour
Col Conrad F. Jackson

  • 6th Pennsylvania Reserves: --
  • 9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Col Conrad F. Jackson; Cpt John Cuthbertson (w)
  • 10th Pennsylvania: Col James T. Kirk
  • 12th Pennsylvania: Col John H. Taggart

Cpt Henry V. De Hart (mw)

  • Battery A, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery: Cpt Hezekiah Easton (k); Lt Jacob L. Detrich; Lt John G. Simpson
  • Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery: Cpt James H. Cooper
  • Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Artillery: Cpt Mark Kerns (w); Lt Frank P. Amsden
  • Battery C, 5th U.S. Light Artillery: Cpt Henry V. De Hart (mw); Lt Eben G. Scott

Col James H. Childs

  • 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Col James H. Childs

Col John F. Farnsworth

  • 8th Illinois Cavalry: Col John F. Farnsworth

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