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Lazar Of Serbia - Life - Prince - Major Lord in Serbia
... emerged as the most powerful lord on the territory of the former Serbian Empire ... The Serbian Church (Patriarchate of Peć) had since 1350 been in schism with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the central authority of the Orthodox Christianity ... The delegation was successful, and in 1375 the Serbian Church was readmitted into communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople ...
Bosnia And Herzegovina - History - Bosnian War For Independence (1992–1995)
... This Assembly established the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 9 January 1992, which became Republika Srpska in August 1992 ... The state administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina effectively ceased to function having lost control over the entire territory ... been used to collect evidence of the atrocities committed by Serbian forces during these campaigns ...
Slobodan Milošević - Milošević’s Role in The Yugoslav Wars
... alleges that, starting in 1987, Milošević "endorsed a Serbian nationalist agenda" and "exploited a growing wave of Serbian nationalism in order to strengthen centralised rule in ... create a 'Greater Serbia', a centralized Serbian state encompassing the Serb-populated areas of Croatia and Bosnia and all of Kosovo, and that this plan was to be achieved by forcibly ... order issued by his government to Serbian fighters in Croatia or Bosnia ...
Albania Under The Serbian Empire - Background - Serbian State
... During the 7th century, the state of Raška would become one of the most important and most successful medieval Serbian state that unified neighboring Serbian tribes into a main medieval Serbian state in ...

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