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Vehicle Branding

Buses in Select Bus Service service have a wrap that identifies them as operating in this particular service. All SBS buses display +Select Bus Service+ in the destination sign. Bus stops where +SelectBusService buses stop are also identifiable with the SBS branding on the glass, and machines for MetroCard and coin payment in or near the shelters (except for the S79 SBS, which does not employ off-board fare collection). In addition, the buses on the M15, Bx12, M34, and M34A SBS services have three doors for easier boarding and alighting.

The blue lights on both sides of the destination sign, used to help designate SBS buses, were removed from service in January 18, 2013. The flashing blue lights used on the Select Bus Service were controversial and violated the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (Article 9, Section 375 (41)). NYS Law states "The use of blue lights on vehicles shall be restricted for use only by a volunteer firefighter" and "may be affixed to a police vehicle and fire vehicle, provided that such blue light or lights shall be displayed on a police vehicle and fire vehicle for rear projection only.". MTA Select Bus Service used flashing blue forward projecting lights which violated the New York State VTL.

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