Seed Bank

Seed bank may refer to:

  • Seedbank, a repository of preserved seeds
  • The store of viable plant seed in an ecosystem; for example:
    • Soil seed bank, the viable seed present in the soil;
    • Canopy seed bank, the viable seed stored in the canopy of a serotinous tree or shrub.

Other articles related to "seed bank, seeds, seed":

Banksia Attenuata - Ecology
... reseeders are killed by fire, but fire also triggers the release of their canopy seed bank, thus promoting recruitment of the next generation resprouters survive fire ... It is moderately serotinous, storing only one tenth the number of seeds in its seed bank as the reseeding B ... Even then, many of its follicles do not release seed after a fire, but instead after successive autumn rains ...
Soil Seed Bank - Population Dynamics and Diversity
... The mortality of seeds in the soil is one of the key factors for the persistence and density fluctuations of plant populations, especially for annual plants ... septentrionalis populations in the seed bank compared to those of established plants showed that diversity within populations is higher below ground than above ground ... are indications that mutations are more important for species forming a persistent seed bank compared to those with only transient seeds ...
Berry Botanic Garden
... primulas, lilies, it was known for its plant-conservation program and its large seed bank that protects rare or endangered plants of the Pacific Northwest ... The seed bank, formally established in 1983, was thought to be the first in the U.S ... February 2011, and in November 2011 the BBG conservation program and seed bank, now known as the Rae Selling Berry Seed Bank Plant Conservation Program, completed the ...

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    ... an adamantine island chained to the shifting bank of the Channel.
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