Secure Channel

In cryptography, a secure channel is a way of transferring data that is resistant to overhearing and tampering. A confidential channel is a way of transferring data that is resistant to overhearing (i.e., reading the content), but not necessarily resistant to tampering. An authentic channel is a way of transferring data that is resistant to tampering but not necessarily resistant to overhearing.

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Universal Composability - Communication Model
... Ideal authenticated channel For an optimal ideal authenticated channel, the ideal functionality takes a message from a party with identity as input, and outputs the same message together with the identity ... Ideal secure channel In an ideal secure channel, the ideal functionality only outputs the identity of the sender to both the recipient and the adversary, while the message is only revealed to the recipient ... This models the requirement that a secure channel is both authenticated and private ...
Modeling A Secure Channel
... Security definition for a secure channel try to model its properties independently from its concrete instantiation ... A good understanding of these properties is needed before designing a secure channel, and before being able to assess its appropriateness of employment ... A definition of a secure channel that remains secure, even when used in arbitrary cryptographic protocols is an important building block for universally composable cryptography ...
Man-in-the-middle Attack - Defenses Against The Attack
... high information entropy secrets, and thus more secure), or Passwords (which are usually low information entropy secrets, and thus less secure) Latency examination, such as with long cryptographic hash ... by a certificate authority, whose public key is distributed through a secure channel (for example, with a web browser or OS installation) ... keys can also be verified by a web of trust that distributes public keys through a secure channel (for example by face-to-face meetings) ...
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol - L2TP/IPsec
... At this point, a secure channel has been established, but no tunneling is taking place ... The actual negotiation of parameters takes place over the SA's secure channel, within the IPsec encryption ... in L2TP/IPsec is the use of the terms tunnel and secure channel ...

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