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  • Society of the Divine Savior, a Catholic order founded in 1881
  • Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of the Samsung Group, formerly Samsung Data Systems
  • Short Derived Solemnent, a hypnotic state where tranced students are called to visualize the future and look back towards the hypnosis as the start of something great.
  • Scientific Data Systems, a 1960s computer manufacturer later bought by Xerox
  • Self-Directed Search, a career interest test
  • The ISO 639-3 language code for the Sened language
  • Service Development Studio, a tool for creating IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) applications
  • Seven deadly sins, a classification of objectionable vices
  • Short Data Services, a service of Terrestrial Trunked Radio two-way radios similar to SMS text messages
  • Shwachman–Diamond syndrome, a rare genetic disorder chiefly affecting the blood and pancreas
  • Siberian Business Union, a Russian holding company
  • Social and Decision Sciences, a department within Carnegie Mellon University
  • Software Defined Silicon, computer chip technology created by XMOS of Bristol, UK
  • Software Defined Storage a software architecture for software defined data centers.
  • Spartanburg Day School, a private K-12 school in Spartanburg, South Carolina
  • Special Delivery Service, the fictional employer of Postman Pat in the British animated television series
  • Special Demonstration Squad, A branch of Greater London's Metropolitan Police Service
  • Special Direct System, a drill bit fixing system
  • Srpska Državna Straža or Serbian State Guard, forces that were used to complement the civil police in Serbia from 1942 to 1944
  • Sun Java System Directory Server in IT, nicknamed Sun Directory Server, an LDAP server from Sun.
  • Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, a psychological self-rating scale for depression

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