Schweinfurt Central Station - Importance - Links To Regional and Local Services

Links To Regional and Local Services

Schweinfurt Hauptbahnhof is embedded in the Deutsche Bahn network as shown below :

Train type Route Services
Regional-Express rzburgSchweinfurtBamberg–Lichtenfels–Hof /–Bayreuth Every two hours
Würzburg–Schweinfurt–Bad Kissingen /– Mellrichstadt station–Grimmenthal–Erfurt Every two hours
Regional-Express Schweinfurt–Bamberg–Erlangen–Nürnberg Every two hours
Regionalbahn (Schlüchtern–) Jossa–Gemünden (Main)–Würzburg–Schweinfurt (–Bamberg)
Erfurter Bahn (EIB 4)
Schweinfurt–Bad Kissingen /–Meiningen Every two hours
Erfurter Bahn (EIB 5)
Schweinfurt–Bad Kissingen–Gemünden (Main) Every two hours

Schweinfurt Hbf is a timetable hub (Taktknoten), i.e. every hour on the hour trains arrive on the three main lines and depart shortly after the hour again. Included in this system are the three Regional-Express links and the trains of EIB Line 4. There is an hourly service to Würzburg and Bamberg which is achieved by overlapping the two RE lines, and on the routes to Bad Kissingen and Meiningen/Erfurt there is also an hourly service which alternates between RE and EIB trains. On the Würzburg–Bamberg route the frequency of RE trains is supplemented by the use of RegionalBahn services; likewise the EIB Linie 5 Schweinfurt–Gemünden (Main), bolsters the section to Bad Kissingen.

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