Santa Elena

Santa Elena, the Spanish-language name of Saint Helen, is often used as a toponym in parts of the world where that language is or was spoken:

  • Argentina
  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
    • Santa Elena, Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
    • Santa Elena, Ecuador
    • Santa Elena Province
  • El Salvador
    • Santa Elena, San Salvador
  • Honduras
    • Santa Elena, La Paz
  • Guatemala
    • Santa Elena, El Petén
  • Mexico
    • Santa Elena, Campeche
    • Santa Elena, Chiapas
    • Santa Elena, Chihuahua
    • Santa Elena, Coahuila
    • Santa Elena, Guerrero
    • Santa Elena, Nuevo León
    • Santa Elena, Sonora
    • Santa Elena, Yucatán
    • Santa Elena, Zacatecas
  • Paraguay
    • Santa Elena, Paraguay
  • Philippines
    • Santa Elena, Camarines Norte
  • Spain
    • Santa Elena, Jaén
  • United States
    • Santa Elena, Texas
    • Santa Elena, la Florida (former Spanish settlement located on present-day Parris Island, South Carolina, USA)
  • Venezuela
    • Santa Elena de Uairén

See also:

  • Sant'Elena, part of Venice

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Spanish Florida - Discovery and Early Exploration - Ochuse and Santa Elena
... on a mission to establish colonies at Ochuse (Pensacola Bay) and Santa Elena (Port Royal Sound) ... everybody at Ochuse, with most of the colonists marching overland to Santa Elena ... Most of the colony moved inland to Nanicapana, renamed Santa Cruz, where some food had been found, but it could not support the colony and the Spanish ...
Charlesfort-Santa Elena Site - Santa Elena (1566-1587)
... Founded in 1566 on the site of Charlesfort, Santa Elena was the first capital of Spanish Florida until 1587 ... The Charlesfort-Santa Elena site is nationally significant because it illustrates the competition for the New World ...
Charlesfort-Santa Elena Site
... Charlesfort-Santa Elena Site is an archeological site on Parris Island, South Carolina, which is also known as Ribaut Monument, San Marcos, San Felipe, or 38BU51 and 38BU162 ... colonization Charlesfort, founded by the French explorer Jean Ribault in 1562, and Santa Elena, founded by the Spanish in 1566 ...
Chiaha - The Spanish Expeditions - Juan Pardo, 1567
... settlements at Saint Augustine in northeastern Florida and Santa Elena at Parris Island in modern South Carolina ... San Juan at Joara and explored the area nearby before being recalled to Santa Elena ... He arrived back at Santa Elena in February 1568 ...

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