Sam Slom - Political Experience and Activities

Political Experience and Activities

Slom has held the following political positions:

  • Minority Floor Leader, Hawaii State Senate, 1996-present
  • Senator, Hawaii State Senate, 1996-present

During consideration of Senate Bill 1109, which ensures that victims of sexual assault are provided with medically and factually unbiased information about and access to emergency contraception when receiving emergency medical care at Hawaii’s hospitals for sexual assaults, Slom tried and failed to amend the bill to allow hospitals to claim a religious exemption instead of distributing the morning-after pill.

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Famous quotes containing the words activities, political and/or experience:

    That is the real pivot of all bourgeois consciousness in all countries: fear and hate of the instinctive, intuitional, procreative body in man or woman. But of course this fear and hate had to take on a righteous appearance, so it became moral, said that the instincts, intuitions and all the activities of the procreative body were evil, and promised a reward for their suppression. That is the great clue to bourgeois psychology: the reward business.
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