Sam - Software


  • SAM Broadcaster
  • SAM card (Security Authentication Module card), a small smart card used to hold cryptographic keys
  • Sam (text editor), a text editor by Rob Pike
  • San Andreas Multiplayer, the multiplayer feature on GTA: San Andreas
  • Secure access module
  • Security Accounts Manager, the accounts database used by Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, and later Microsoft operating systems
  • Sequential access memory, a class of storage devices that are read sequentially
  • Simple Anonymous Messaging, a protocol specification used in the I2P network layer
  • SlideME Application Manager, the native Android Application for the SlideME alternative Android application market
  • Software asset management
  • Software Automatic Mouth, a computer program for speech synthesis
  • Microsoft Sam, the default voice for the screen reader program in Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  • Symantec Anti-Virus for Macintosh

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