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Rwandan Civil War - Warfare - 1990 Invasion
... Their Rwandan Armed Forces (FAR) opponents were numerically superior, with 5,200 soldiers, and possessed armoured cars and helicopters supplied by France, but the RPF benefitted from the element of ... subcommander Peter Bayingana, following an argument over tactics, although the current RPF-led Government of Rwanda contend that he was killed by a stray bullet ... several hundred troops of the elite Special Presidential Division (DSP) to fight alongside Rwandan government troops ...
Human Rights In Rwanda - Post Genocide Human Rights Issues
... Subsequent governments, including the current government led by President Paul Kagame, have been accused by Amnesty International of numerous human rights violations, notably extrajudicial killings ... According to Amnesty International, between December 1997 and May 1998, thousands of Rwandans "disappeared" or were murdered by members of government security forces and of armed ... Amnesty International states that the Rwandan Patriotic Army and armed opposition forces both "deliberately target unarmed civilians", including children ...
Patrick Mazimhaka - Early Career
... While there, he came into contact with many Rwandans who were determined as much as he was to return to Rwanda some day ... Front (RPF) activities, which had been founded to launch a struggle against the then Rwandan government that had denied its citizens the right to return to their homeland ... When the RPF launched an armed war on 1 October 1990 against the Rwandan government, Mazimhaka was appointed RPF's Commissioner for External Relations ...

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