Ruthenian Language

Ruthenian Language

Ruthenian, or Old Ruthenian (see other names), is a term used for the varieties of Eastern Slavonic spoken in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later in the East Slavic territories of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The written form is also called Chancery Slavonic.

Scholars do not agree whether Ruthenian was a separate language or a Western dialect(s) of Old East Slavic, but it is agreed that Ruthenian has a close genetic relationship with it. Old East Slavic was the colloquial language used in Kievan Rus' (10th – 13th centuries). Ruthenian can be seen as a predecessor of modern Belarusian, Rusyn and Ukrainian. Indeed all these languages, from Old East Slavic to Rusyn, have been labelled as Ruthenian (Ukrainian: Рутенська мова).

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Old Ruthenian Language
... The name Old Ruthenian language has been applied to different things ... Old East Slavic language was the language of Kievan Rus', spoken from the 9th to 14th centuries ... It was the ancestor of the East Slavic languages Belarusian, Russian, Rusyn, and Ukrainian ...
Lithuanian Metrica - Languages
... The prevailing language of the documents of the 15th and the most of the 16th century Metrica had been the Ruthenian language ... Alternatively, the prevailing use of the Ruthenian language in the Metrica is extended up to the mid-17th century ... See also naming of the Ruthenian language ...
Ruthenian Language - Nomenclature - New National Languages
... the popular spoken dialects and little-influenced by literary Ruthenian ... The split between literary Ruthenian and the successor literary languages can be seen at once in the newly-designed Belarusian and Ukrainian orthographies ... Commonwealth, Polish had largely replaced Ruthenian as the language of administration and literature ...
History Of Belarus - Early History - Grand Duchy of Lithuania
... conquest and dynastic marriages the West Ruthenian (Belarusian) principalities were acquired by the expanding Lithuania, beginning with the rule of Lithuanian ... The Lithuanians' smaller numbers in this medieval state gave the Ruthenians (present-day Belarusians and Ukrainians) an important role in the everyday cultural life of the state ... population in eastern and southern regions of the state, the Ruthenian language was a widely used colloquial language while Lithuanian was primarily used for ...

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