Ruthenian may refer to:

  • Ruthenia, a name applied to various parts of Eastern Europe
  • Ruthenians, a historic ethnic group
  • Ruthenian Catholic Church, the sui iuris particular church united to the Bishop of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church
  • Minerals containing the element Ruthenium

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Modern Ruthenian
... There are actually two Modern Ruthenian languages Rusyn, or Carpatho-Ruthenian, spoken in Transcarpathia ... Pannonian Rusyn, or Pannonian-Ruthenian, spoken in Bačka and Syrmia, and an official language of Vojvodina along with Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, and Croatian ...
Alexander Dukhnovich - Life
... He wrote in the Ruthenian, Russian, and Hungarian languages ... Dukhnovych supported education and cultural revival of Carpathian Ruthenians ... He saw his role as a defender of Ruthenian culture against Magyarization ...
History Of The Ukrainian Minority In Poland - Kingdom of Poland and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
... The Polish King vowed to respect the Orthodox faith, but also, bestowed the Ruthenian gentry with the same rights as the Polish ... The total area of Ruthenian lands annexed by Poland was about 91,000 km2 (35,135 sq mi), and most of the population spoke Ruthenian (a linguistic predecessor of both modern Ukrainian ... became polonized, and many members of the Ruthenian szlachta converted to Roman Catholicism ...
Ruthenian - Languages
... the language of Kievan Rus', ancestral to all modern East Slavic languages Ruthenian language, an East Slavic language of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, ancestral to Belarusian ...
Lithuanian Metrica - Languages
... the 15th and the most of the 16th century Metrica had been the Ruthenian language ... Alternatively, the prevailing use of the Ruthenian language in the Metrica is extended up to the mid-17th century ... See also naming of the Ruthenian language ...