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Phillips - Other Uses
... Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts Phillips Collection, an art museum in Washington, D.C ... Phillips Disaster of 1989 Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire Phillips explosion of 1999 Phillips explosion of 2000 Phillips Laboratory, a former research ...
Phillips Curve - Theoretical Questions - Gordon's Triangle Model
... Gordon of Northwestern University has analyzed the Phillips curve to produce what he calls the triangle model, in which the actual inflation rate is determined by the sum of demand pull or ... Supply shocks and changes in built-in inflation are the main factors shifting the short-run Phillips Curve and changing the trade-off ... high inflation, as with the simple Phillips curve ...
Bill Phillips (author)
... William Nathaniel "Bill" Phillips is an American entrepreneur and author ... Bill and Shawn Phillips, his brother, also made a promotional movie called Body of Work which was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada and chronicled the very first EAS Challenge ... On June 21, 2010, Phillips latest book, "Transformation The Mindset You Need ...
Phillips Curve - NAIRU and Rational Expectations
... rate of unemployment", distinguished between the "short-term" Phillips curve and the "long-term" one ... The short-term Phillips Curve looked like a normal Phillips Curve, but shifted in the long run as expectations changed ... In the long run, only a single rate of unemployment (the NAIRU or "natural" rate) was consistent with a stable inflation rate ...
Bill Phillips (author) - Personal Life
... Born in September 1964, Phillips was raised in Golden, Colorado, where he lived with his father Bill (often referred to as BP), mother Suzanne, sister Shelly and brother Shawn ... His father, William Phillips Sr ... Phillips started bodybuilding in 1982, then moved to Southern California to train at Gold's Gym Venice beach (known as the Mecca of bodybuilding) in 1983, remaining until 1986, a period during ...

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