Royal Standard

Several countries use the term royal standard to describe the flag used by the monarch and members of the royal family.

  • Royal Standard of Australia
  • Royal Standard of Bahrain
  • Royal Standard of Barbados
  • Royal Standard of Belgium
  • Royal Standard of Cambodia
  • Royal Standards of Canada
  • Royal Standard of Denmark
  • Royal Standard of Jamaica
  • Royal Standard of Jordan
  • Royal Standard of Lesotho
  • Princely Standard of Liechtenstein
  • Grand Ducal Standard of Luxembourg
  • Royal Standard of Malaysia
  • Princely Standard of Monaco
  • Royal Standard of Morocco
  • Royal Standard of the Netherlands
  • Royal Standard of New Zealand
  • Royal Standard of Norway
  • Royal Standard of Saudi Arabia
  • Royal Standard of Spain
  • Royal Standard of Swaziland
  • Royal Standard of Sweden
  • Royal Standard of Thailand
  • Royal Standard of Tonga
  • Royal Standard of the United Kingdom
    • Princely standard of Wales (for the Prince of Wales)
    • Royal Standard of Scotland

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