Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary (Latin: Dioecesis Calgariensis) is a diocese that includes the Calgary Region, all of southern Alberta and the extreme lower half of the Alberta's Rockies region. It is currently led by Bishop Frederick Henry. It is a suffragan diocese for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton.

The diocese contains 82+ parishes and missions specifically: 37 parishes in Calgary alone; of which, 10 are ethnic parishes, an additional university parish to serve the University of Calgary and 45+ parishes and missions designated for southern Alberta and the rockies lower region.

In 2006: 87 Diocesan priests, 38 Religious priests 427,200 Catholics. 110 Women Religious, 48 Religious Brothers and 30 permanent deacons make up the spiritual work force in Calgary not including the other regions.

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