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Last Unicorn Games
1997) and Heresy Kingdom Come (1995) as well as the 1994 role-playing game Aria Canticle of the Monomyth The company also produced role-playing games for Star Trek, Star ... Wizards of the Coast published Dune Chronicles of the Imperium (2000) a role playing developed by Last Unicorn Games ...
Forms of Cyberdrama
... Murray lists in her essay “From Game-Story to Cyberdrama” are role-playing games, games with interactive characters, interactive video, and the ... A role-playing game is one in which the participant takes on the experiences and agendas of a character and sees his or her own person as the character ... Examples that Murray gives of role-playing games include Ultima Online, Everquest, and Star Wars Galaxies ...
Assassin (novel) - Role Playing
... class common to many games Assassin (Dungeons Dragons) Assassin (game), a live-action role-playing game ...
Simulation Hypothesis - In Popular Culture - Computer Games and Simulations - Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds
... Dungeon was a version of Dungeons Dragons, a role-playing video game based on a medieval fantasy scenario ... Multi-User Dungeon, a text-based multi-player on-line role playing game ... and 1990s also saw the development of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, growing out of initial offerings such as MUD1 (1978) which were text-based, but then developed through Rogue (1980) and other ...
Star Trek: The Next Generation (video Game) - Role-playing Games
... Final Frontier, produced by Heritage Models (1978) Star Trek The Role Playing Game, the original Star Trek RPG produced by FASA ... (1982) Enterprise - Role Play Game in Star Trek, released in Japan (only) by Tsukuda Hobby (1983) Prime Directive, designed by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc ... (2002) Star Trek Simulation Forum, has served as the chat based role-playing game of the official Star Trek website since October 2002 ...

Famous quotes containing the words playing and/or role:

    Is this then a touch? quivering me to a new identity,
    Flames and ether making a rush for my veins,
    Treacherous tip of me reaching and crowding to help them,
    My flesh and blood playing out lightning to strike what is hardly
    different from myself,
    On all sides prurient provokers stiffening my limbs,
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)

    Friends serve central functions for children that parents do not, and they play a critical role in shaping children’s social skills and their sense of identity. . . . The difference between a child with close friendships and a child who wants to make friends but is unable to can be the difference between a child who is happy and a child who is distressed in one large area of life.
    Zick Rubin (20th century)