Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa

Robert "Rocky" Balboa, Sr. is a title character and the protagonist of the Rocky series from 1975 to 2006. The character was created and portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. Throughout the films, he is depicted as an everyman who started out by going the distance and overcoming obstacles that had occurred in his life and career as a professional boxer. This character is among one of Stallone's best known characters and is often considered the role that started his film career.

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1976 Cannonball Y Mafioso Cameo Uncredited Rocky Y Y Rocky Balboa 1978 F.I.S.T ... Kovak Paradise Alley Y Y Y Cosmo Carboni 1979 Rocky II Y Y Y Rocky Balboa 1981 Nighthawks Y Det. 1982 Rocky III Y Y Y Rocky Balboa First Blood Y Y Rambo 1983 Staying Alive Y Y Y Y Man on Street Uncredited cameo 1984 Rhinestone Y Y Nick Martinelli ...
Rocky Balboa - Merchandising
... Hasbro intended to license Rocky and make him a member of the G.I ... Joe Order of Battle profile book came out during the negotiations and included Rocky as a current Joe member, specializing in hand-to-hand combat training and an example of what it means to persevere ...
Spider Rico - Home Video Release History
... also packed with the Five-Disc Boxed Set) December 14, 2004 (DVD, also packed with the Rocky Anthology box set) February 8, 2005 (DVD, also packed with the Rocky Anthology box set) December 5, 2006 (DVD ... This new set contains the new Rocky Balboa, but does not include the recent 2 disc Rocky ... There are still no special features for Rocky II through Rocky V, although Rocky Balboa's DVD special features are all intact.) November 3, 2009 (Blu-ray box ...
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... Most recently, he played Robert "Rocky Jr." Balboa, the son of Rocky Balboa, in the latest Rocky installment Rocky Balboa which was released in ... as being able to "pull off an extremely convincing 'Adrian'", a reference likening Jess to Rocky Balboa ...
Rocky Balboa (video Game)
... Rocky Balboa is a 2007 video game based on the movie of the same name for the PlayStation Portable, which is similar in style and content to Rocky Legends ... The game includes footage from each Rocky film, showing the buildup to the major fights of the film series ... Fights is the main game mode, which pits Rocky against all of his various opponents throughout the franchise, from Spider Rico (Rocky) to Mason Dixon (Rocky Balboa) ...

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