Rigvedic Rivers

Rigvedic Rivers

Rivers, such as the Sapta Sindhu ("seven rivers"), play a prominent part in the hymns of the Rigveda, and consequently in early Vedic religion. It may have been derived from older Proto-Indo-Iranian or Proto-Indo-European hydronyms as cognate names exist in Avestan language and other Indo-European languages. Missing citation - cognate name in Avestan is "Hapta Hindu" but there are no cognate names in other indo-European languages for Vedas or Sapta Sindhu; if there are any, please name the language & its cognate name & its citation.

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Indo-Aryan Migration - Textual References - Rigveda - Rigvedic Rivers and Reference of Samudra
... The geography of the Rigveda seems to be centered around the land of the seven rivers ... While the geography of the Rigvedic rivers is unclear in some of the early books of the Rigveda, the Nadistuti hymn is an important source for the geography of ... The Sarasvati River is one of the chief Rigvedic rivers ...
Rigvedic Rivers - List
... in mind that some names appearing both in early and in late hymns may have been re-applied to new rivers during the composition of the Rigveda ... Northwestern Rivers (western tributaries of the Indus) Trstama (Gilgit)? Susartu Anitabha (listed once, in 5.53.9, with the Afghan rivers Rasa (Avestan Rangha/Raŋhā), Kubha, Krumu ... Harōiiu) Rasa (on the upper Indus (often a mythical river, Avestan Rangha, Scythian Rha) Svetya Kubha (Kabul), Greek Kophēn Krumu (Kurrum) Mehatnu (along with the Gomati and Krumu) Suvastu (Swat) in RV 8.19.37 ...

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