Riel may refer to

A place:

  • Riel (Goirle), a town in the Netherlands
  • Riel (Eindhoven), a village in the Netherlands
  • Riel (Manitoba riding), a provincial electoral district in Canada named after Louis Riel
  • Riel, Winnipeg, a community committee comprising three city wards

A person:

  • Alex Riel, Danish jazz and rock drummer
  • Louis Riel, Canadian politician and rebel
  • Maurice Riel, Canadian Senator

A currency:

  • Cambodian riel, the currency of Cambodia

A film:

  • Riel (film), a 1979 film about Louis Riel

Other articles related to "riel":

Louis-Riel Sculpture By Miguel Joyal
... The Louis Riel sculpture by Miguel Joyal located at 450 Broadway Avenue facing the Assiniboine River on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building, was unveiled on May 12, 1996 ... The history surrounding Louis Riel as a figure of M├ętis resistance in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the communal need for his remembrance as well as the ...
Provisional Government Of Saskatchewan
... Government of Saskatchewan was the name given by Louis Riel to the independent state he declared during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 in what is today the Canadian province of Saskatchewan ... Although Riel initially hoped to rally the Countryborn, Cree and European settlers of the Saskatchewan Valley to his banner, this did not occur ... Adjutant General in which capacity he became supreme military commander, although Riel could, and did, override his tactical decisions ...