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Child Discipline - Non-punitive Discipline - Methods - Praise and Rewards
... It is very common for children who are otherwise ignored by their parents to turn to misbehaviour as a way of seeking attention ... A popular controversy in the subject of child discipline is whether rewarding children for good behavior or grades is effective ... in the NY Post Newspaper, 48% of parents do reward their children with cash or something else of meaning for good grades ...

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    If we have come to think that the nursery and the kitchen are the natural sphere of a woman, we have done so exactly as English children come to think that a cage is the natural sphere of a parrot: because they have never seen one anywhere else.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

    The things women find rewarding about work are, by and large ,the same things that men find rewarding and include both the inherent nature of the work and the social relationships.
    Grace Baruch (20th century)