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Space Elevator Safety - Vibrational Harmonics
... stringed musical instruments, the cable of a space elevator has a natural resonant frequency ... travel up and down the cable keeping its resonant frequency in mind ... It may be possible to dampen the resonant frequency against the Earth's magnetosphere ...
Soundproof - Absorption - Resonant Absorbers
... Resonant panels, Helmholtz resonators and other resonant absorbers work by damping a sound wave as they reflect it ... Unlike porous absorbers, resonant absorbers are most effective at low-medium frequencies and the absorption of resonant absorbers is always matched to a narrow frequency range ...
Resonant Trans-Neptunian Object
... In astronomy, a resonant trans-Neptunian object is a trans-Neptunian object (TNO) in mean motion orbital resonance with Neptune ... The orbital periods of the resonant objects are in a simple integer relations with the period of Neptune e.g ... Resonant TNOs can be either part of the main Kuiper belt population, or the more distant scattered disc population ...
Lecher Lines - Other Applications
... Short lengths of Lecher line are often used as high Q resonant circuits, termed resonant stubs ... (λ/4) shorted Lecher line acts like a parallel resonant circuit, appearing as a high impedance at its resonant frequency and low impedance at other frequencies ... line stubs like Lecher lines also resonate at odd-number multiples of their fundamental resonant frequency, while lumped LC circuits just have one resonant frequency ...
Shifting Dullness
... To perform the test, first the midline is percussed eliciting a resonant note due to gas in the bowel ... The examiner's index finger is left on the resonant side, and the middle finger is left on the dull side thus straddling a fluid-air level ... It may now be resonant ...

More definitions of "resonant":

  • (adj): Inducing resonance.
    Example: "Resonant frequency"

Famous quotes containing the word resonant:

    Charity is a cop-out so traditionally female in its apparent self-effacement that there seems resonant comfort in it. We’re no longer supposed to serve the imaginations of men who have dominated us. We are to give up ourselves instead to those whose suffering is greater than our own. Looking down is just as distorting as looking up and as dangerous in perpetuating hierarchies.
    Jane Rule (b. 1931)