• (adj): Of or relating to the philosophical doctrine of relativism.
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Gamma-ray Burst Emission Mechanisms - Jet Effects
... are equivalent the center of the jet is not "aware" of the jet edge, and due to relativistic beaming we only see a small fraction of the jet ... Second, relativistic beaming effects subside, and once Earth observers see the entire jet the widening of the relativistic beam is no longer compensated by the fact that we see ...
Relativistic Speed
... A Relativistic speed is a speed which is a significant proportion of the speed of light ... A relativistic particle is a subatomic particle moving at relativistic speed ... The boundary for when a particle becomes relativistic is impossible to define, but a particle can generally be said to be relativistic when Newtonian mechanics no longer provides an accurate ...
Charmonia - QCD and Quarkonia
... The light quarks in a meson move at relativistic speeds, since the mass of the bound state is much larger than the mass of the quark ... the charm and the bottom quarks in their respective quarkonia is sufficiently smaller, so that relativistic effects affect these states much less ... This technique is called non-relativistic QCD (NRQCD) ...
Precession (disambiguation)
... known as the "precession of the equinoxes"), or similar de Sitter precession — a general relativistic correction to the precession of a gyroscope near a ...
The Killing Star - Plot Summary
... Then, from the uncaring black of space come swarms of relativistic missiles ... (To read a discussion of relativistic weapons and an excerpt of the attack, http// Atomic Rockets Relativistic Weapons ... the moment we learned to travel at relativistic speeds was the moment we had the power to do to them what they did to us first ...

More definitions of "relativistic":

  • (adj): Relating or subject to the special or the general theory of relativity.
    Example: "Relativistic quantum mechanics"; "relativistic increase in mass"; "radiation from relativistic particles"