Some articles on relatives:

Shinpan (daimyo)
... The shinpan (親藩?) daimyo were certain relatives of the Tokugawa shoguns of Japan ... While all shinpan were relatives of the shogun, not all relatives of the shogun were shinpan an example of this is the Matsudaira clan of the Okutono Domain ... daimyō (家門大名) — non-daimyo relatives, such as the Gosankyō were also known as kamon ...
TT5 - Tomb
... A large group of relatives is shown adoring the Hathor cow from the mountain ... The relatives include Neferabet himself, his "father" the scorpion curer Amenmose (father-in-law?), and his brother Amenemope ... The relatives in this scene include Neferabet's father Neferronpet, Neferabet himself, Neferabet's brother Anhotep and several of Neferabet's uncles ...
Szécsényi - Notable Members of The Family
... I against the powerful Máté Csák in 1301 therefore, his relatives who followed Máté Csák occupied his inherited possessions in Nógrád county ... Thomas the possession of Hollókő that had been confiscated from his relatives ... that time, he married one of Queen Elisabeth's relatives, Anna of Oświęcim as his second wife ...
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute Of Medical Sciences - Other Facilities
... These include PRA Patients' relatives' accommodation, available to relatives of patients admitted to the hospital, on payment basis ... Vishramalaya A daytime facility for outpatients and relatives with lockers, a place to relax, a restaurant, bathrooms, toilets, etc ...

Famous quotes containing the word relatives:

    Once our idea of heaven meant
    all the dead relatives waiting
    on the kept lawn of the many mansions
    as if, suddenly sinless, they had nothing
    to do. ...
    Deborah Digges (b. 1950)

    When mother’s relatives visited,
    delicacies were cooked.
    When father’s guest arrrived,
    mother swelled and had a fit.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.

    The poor in bustling towns aren’t called upon, but the rich deep in the mountains have relatives visiting them from afar.
    Chinese proverb.