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Macedonian Presidential Election, 2009
1,792,082 registered voters had the right to vote at the presidential and local elections in Macedonia ... to the electoral law, the president is elected if he wins the votes of the majority of the registered voters in the first round or, simple majority of the votes in the second round, in which the ...
Political Party Strength In U.S. States - Current Party Strength - Elections and Voter Registrations
... the breakdown-by-party totals from its voter registration figures (figures that can easily be obtained from the websites of the Secretaries of State or the Boards of Elections of the various states) ... As of 2010, 28 states and the District of Columbia allow registered voters to indicate a party preference when registering to vote the following 22 states (mostly in the South and the Midwest) do not provide ... Only Wyoming has a majority of registered voters identifying themselves as Republicans five states have a majority of registered voters identifying themselves as ...
Malian Presidential Election, 2007 - Post-election
... Results accounting for 18.2% of registered voters (including many who did not vote) showed Touré with 61.3% of the vote and Keïta as a distant second with 29.8% ... Voter turnout was placed at 24% in Bamako and 38% in the countryside ... On May 2, results accounting for 51% of registered voters (including many who did not vote) showed Touré still holding a large lead with 58.3% of the vote against 25 ...
State Of Vietnam Referendum, 1955 - Counting and Results
... The prime minister tallied 605,025 votes in Saigon, although only 450,000 voters were registered in the capital ... French newspapers claimed that only half of the registered voters in Saigon had actually voted, and that the rest had boycotted the election, implying that more than 60% of the votes in the capital ... The near unanimous voter turnout and support for Diệm was replicated in highland and Mekong Delta swamp areas, which were not even under the control of the government and ...
Referendums In Lithuania
... required that more than a half of all registered voters (not a half of voters who participate) would vote in support of a proposal for it to become a binding obligation to the government ... In 2002, this requirement was lowered to one third of all registered voters ... The initiators need to present 300,000 signatures of registered voters in three months or the Seimas, Parliament of Lithuania, has to approve it by a fourth of all the members of the Seimas ...

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    The effort to calculate exactly what the voters want at each particular moment leaves out of account the fact that when they are troubled the thing the voters most want is to be told what to want.
    Walter Lippmann (1889–1974)

    During the Suffragette revolt of 1913 I ... [urged] that what was needed was not the vote, but a constitutional amendment enacting that all representative bodies shall consist of women and men in equal numbers, whether elected or nominated or coopted or registered or picked up in the street like a coroner’s jury. In the case of elected bodies the only way of effecting this is by the Coupled Vote. The representative unit must not be a man or a woman but a man and a woman.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)