Recoverable Reserves

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Dauletabad Gas Field - Reserves
... Before production started in 1982, recoverable reserves of natural gas were estimated about 60 trillion cubic feet (1.7×10^12 m3) ... In 1992, its estimated recoverable reserves were 48.7 trillion cubic feet (1.38×10^12 m3) of natural gas ... States independent consultancy DeGolyer and McNaughton certified recoverable reserves at about 25 trillion cubic feet (710×10^9 m3) ...
National Iranian Oil Company - NIOC's Oil Reserves
... According to OPEC, NIOC recoverable liquid hydrocarbon reserves at the end of 2006 was 1,384 billion barrels (2.2×1011 m3) ... NIOC oil reserves at the beginning of 2001 was reported to be about 99 billion barrels (1.57×1010 m3), however in 2002 the result of NIOC’s study ... barrels (1.22×109 m3) of oil to the recoverable reserves of Iran ...

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