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History Of The Royal Canadian Air Force - Ranks and Uniforms - Ranks
... The original Royal Canadian Air Force used a rank structure similar to that of the Royal Air Force, with the exceptions, in the enlisted ranks, of the RCAF having the ranks of Warrant ... The rank structure is almost identical to that of the Royal Australian Air Force, once again with the exception of Warrant Officer 2 ... RCAF Women's Division personnel used a different rank structure ...
Chola Navy - Organization and Administration - Rank Structure
... The Chola navy used a hybrid rank structure ... There were dedicated naval ranks as well as army-derived ranks ... The Chola Navy used both naval ranks and army-style ranks ...
Byzantine Navy - Organization - Middle Period (late 7th Century – 1070s) - Rank Structure
... is some confusion in the Byzantine sources as to the exact rank structure ... Karabisianoi fleet, but they were then raised to the rank of stratēgos ... officers were professional seamen, having risen from the ranks, most fleet commanders were high court officials, who would have relied on their more ...
New York City Police Department School Safety Division - Rank Structure and Duties
... There are ten different ranks within the New York City Police Department School Safety Division 1 ... to uniformed zone commanders in the rank of police inspector ... has never specifically stepped forward and delineated where the civilian rank structure of the School Safety Division fits vis-a-vis the Department's uniformed rank structure ...

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    What is the structure of government that will best guard against the precipitate counsels and factious combinations for unjust purposes, without a sacrifice of the fundamental principle of republicanism?
    James Madison (1751–1836)

    Nature has not placed us in an inferior rank to men, no more than the females of other animals, where we see no distinction of capacity, though I am persuaded if there was a commonwealth of rational horses ... it would be an established maxim amongst them that a mare could not be taught to pace.
    Mary Wortley, Lady Montagu (1689–1762)