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Global Consciousness Project - Research
... emotion or draw the simultaneous attention of large numbers of people may affect the output of hardware random number generators in a statistically significant way ... The GCP maintains a network of hardware random number generators which are interfaced to computers at 70 locations around the world ... Custom software reads the output of the random number generators and records a trial (sum of 200 bits) once every second ...
Applications and Use of Randomness - Generating Randomness
... mechanisms responsible for (apparently) random behavior in systems Randomness coming from the environment (for example, Brownian motion, but also hardware random number ... is also called pseudorandomness and is the kind used in pseudo-random number generators ... are many algorithms (based on arithmetics or cellular automaton) to generate pseudorandom numbers ...
38 (number)
... This article discusses the number thirty-eight ... of 38, see 38 (disambiguation) ← 39 ... → 38 ← 39 ... → List of numbers — Integers 90 ... → Cardinal ...
CRYPTREC - Evaluated Techniques (as of 2002)
512 bit digest) Cryptographic Pseudo-Random Number Generators PRNG for DSA in FIPS Pub 186-2 Appendix 3 PRNG in ANSI X9.42-2001 Annex C.1/C.2 PRNG in ANSI X9.62-1998 Annex A.4 PRNG in ANSI X9.63-2001 Annex A.4 PRNG ...
Clock Drift - Random Number Generators
... See also Hardware random number generator#Clock drift Computer programs often need high quality random numbers, especially for cryptography ... There are several similar ways clock drift can be used to build random number generators (RNGs) ... One way to build a hardware random number generator is to use two independent clock crystals, one that for instance ticks 100 times per second and one that ticks 1 million times per second ...

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