Quadrupole Ion Trap

A quadrupole ion trap or quadrupole ion storage trap (QUISTOR) exists in both linear and 3D (Paul Trap, QIT) varieties and refers to an ion trap that uses constant DC and radio frequency (RF) oscillating AC electric fields to trap ions. It is commonly used as a component of a mass spectrometer. The invention of the 3D quadrupole ion trap itself is attributed to Wolfgang Paul who shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1989 for this work.

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Quadrupole Ion Trap - Cylindrical Ion Trap
... Cylindrical ion traps have a cylindrical rather than a hyperbolic ring electrode ... This configuration has been used in miniature arrays of traps ...
Mass Spectrometry - Mass Selection - Ion Traps - Linear Quadrupole Ion Trap
... A linear quadrupole ion trap is similar to a quadrupole ion trap, but it traps ions in a two dimensional quadrupole field, instead of a three-dimensional quadrupole field as in a 3D quadrupole ion trap ... Thermo Fisher's LTQ ("linear trap quadrupole") is an example of the linear ion trap ... A toroidal ion trap can be visualized as a linear quadrupole curved around and connected at the ends or as a cross section of a 3D ion trap rotated on edge to form the toroid, donut shaped trap ...

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