QMS may refer to:

  • Minolta QMS, a printer company merged into Konica Minolta
  • Quadrupole mass spectrometer, a scientific instrument
  • Quality management system
  • Quality Meat Scotland
  • Quality Micro Systems, a company found by Mike Dow
  • Quantitative Micro Software, a company who developed the EViews software
  • Quartermaster Sergeant, a type of appointment in the British Army and Royal Marines
  • Queue Management System
  • Quicksilver Messenger Service, an American psychedelic rock band of the 1960s
  • Quota Management System, a method of regulating catch in a fishery
  • Qualters Middle School, a grade 6-8 middle school located in Mansfield, Massachusetts
  • Queensborough middle school, a school in Queensborough, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
  • Queen Margaret's School, a private boarding school/Day School, located in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
  • Quest Middle School, another name for IDEA Quest located in Edinburg, Texas
  • Quinte Mohawk School, a primary school in Tyendinaga, Ontario

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Quartermasters - Land Armies - Swiss Army
... In the Swiss Army, a Quartermaster (Qm) is an Officer (from 2 Lt ... The Qm has a direct subordinate at company level it is the Company Quartermaster Sergeant (QMS - the English definition for international engagement and also a new grade insignia = see "Gradstrukturen der Armee ... For technical questions, the QMS is subordinated to the Qm officer (Qm 2 Lt, Qm 1 lt or Qm Captain incorporated in the Staff of a Battalion/Group) ...
Fishing In New Zealand - Historical Development
... introduce a property-rights based Quota Management System (QMS) system ... There are about 60 species groups with a QMS allowance for customary Māori fishers, with a similar number for recreational fishers ... Fisheries Act 1996, which sets out the rules and regulations and the QMS administered by the Ministry of Fisheries ...
Software Quality Analyst
... Some of the tasks of software quality analysts are Participate in QMS management review meetings ... Approves the QMS documents for which QA manager is the main author ... to provide reports / indicators for discussion during QMS management review meetings Identify problems or deficiencies in products and QMS ...
Qeep - Features - QMS
... of invitations sent to new members, QMS cannot be sent to mobile phones outside of qeep’s network, nor can those messages be read outside of the qeep program ...