Provisional Conditional

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Japanese Verb Conjugation - Provisional Conditional eba Form
... The eba provisional conditional form is characterized by the final -u becoming -eba for all verbs (with the semi-exception of -tsu verbs becoming -teba) ... Type Conditional Examples Conditional Irregular verbs する suru すれば sureba 勘弁する kanben suru 勘弁すれば kanben sureba 来る kuru くれば kureba だ da (copula ... Usage The -eba provisional conditional form is used in conditionals where the emphasis rests more on the condition than the result ...

Famous quotes containing the word conditional:

    Conditional love is love that is turned off and on....Some parents only show their love after a child has done something that pleases them. “I love you, honey, for cleaning your room!” Children who think they need to earn love become people pleasers, or perfectionists. Those who are raised on conditional love never really feel loved.
    Louise Hart (20th century)