Proper Acceleration

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Rindler Coordinates - Relation To Cartesian Chart
... metric In the region, which is often called the Rindler wedge, if g represents the proper acceleration (along the hyperbola x=1) of the Rindler observer whose proper time ... at rest at time T=0 in the inertial frame, and at this time a Rindler observer with proper acceleration gi will be at position X = 1/gi (really X = c2/gi, but we assume units where c=1 ... defining a Rindler coordinate system we have a choice of which Rindler observer's proper time will be equal to the coordinate time t in Rindler coordinates, and this observer's proper acceleration defines ...
Specific Force
... in meters/second² (m·s−2) which is the units for acceleration ... force is not actually a force, but a type of acceleration ... (mass-)specific force is not a coordinate-acceleration, but rather a proper acceleration, which is the acceleration relative to free-fall ...
Applications - Unidirectional Acceleration Via Proper Velocity
... Proper acceleration at any speed is the physical acceleration experienced locally by an object ... In spacetime it is a three-vector acceleration with respect to the object's instantaneously varying free-float frame ... Proper-acceleration is also useful from the vantage point (or spacetime slice) of external observers ...

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