Procedural Memory

Procedural memory is memory for the performance of particular types of action. Procedural memory guides the processes we perform and most frequently resides below the level of conscious awareness. When needed, procedural memories are automatically retrieved and utilized for the execution of the integrated procedures involved in both cognitive and motor skills; from tying shoes to flying an airplane to reading. Procedural memories are accessed and used without the need for conscious control or attention. Procedural memory is a type of long-term memory and, more specifically, a type of implicit memory. Procedural memory is created through "procedural learning" or, repeating a complex activity over and over again until all of the relevant neural systems work together to automatically produce the activity. Implicit procedural learning is essential to the development of any motor skill or cognitive activity.

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Spontaneous Recovery - Physiology - Procedural Memory
... For spontaneous recovery to occur, the conditioning of the memory that is recalled later needs to be stored in long-term memory ... It is a process where the semantics and associations of the certain memory are so ingrained that they can become habitual, or automatic to the person ... All of this becomes a form of implicit memory that doesn't need any attention to control or effort in recall they are there for use in any particular circumstance ...
Neuroanatomy Of Memory - Subcortical Structures - Cerebellum
... the encoding of complex memories, the cerebellum plays a role in the learning of procedural memory, and motor learning, such as skills requiring co-ordination and fine motor control ... An example of a skill requiring procedural memory would be playing a musical instrument, or driving a car or riding a bike ... sometimes retain the ability to perform complex musical pieces, suggesting that procedural memory is completely dissociated from conscious memory, also known as explicit memory ...
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... Automaticity Dreyfus model of skill acquisition Kata Neuroplasticity Procedural knowledge. ...
Implicit Memory - Procedural Memory
... A form of implicit memory used every day is called procedural memory ... Procedural memory lets us perform some actions (such as writing or riding a bike) even if we are not consciously thinking about it ... two groups of people, one composed of amnesic patients with heavily impaired long-term memory, and the other composed by healthy subjects, were asked several times to solve a Tower ...

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