• (adj): Rich in significance or implication.
    Example: "Pregnant with meaning"
    Synonyms: meaning, significant
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Some articles on pregnant:

La Donna Gravida
... La donna gravida (or simply La gravida Italian for "The Pregnant Woman") is an oil on wood portrait by the Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael ... The portrait depicts a woman who is pregnant sitting with her left hand resting on her stomach ... Paintings of pregnant women were unusual in the Renaissance period ...
Shanghai Girls - Plot Summary - Characters
... Later on she becomes pregnant with Sam's baby ... Later it is discovered that she became pregnant by him, resulting in a daughter, Joy ... Father Louie (Vern and Sam's father) might suspect she is pregnant by someone else, so both she and Pearl pretend that Pearl was the one pregnant all along ...
Chrissie Swan - Personal Life
... She is currently pregnant with her third child, due in March 2013 ... Swan confessed to smoking whilst pregnant with her third child when it emerged that photographs had been taken of her and were offered for sale to several tabloid publications ... to cigarettes, which lead her to smoke whilst pregnant ...
More Demi Moore - Follow-ups
... Times coined "demiclad" for the nude pregnant handbra pose ... Eventually, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar included pregnant cover models, and Star included a pregnant foursome of Katie Holmes, Gwen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie ... Vogue had a very pregnant 37-year-old Brooke Shields on the cover of its April 2003 issue ...
List Of Mc Leod's Daughters Characters - Births and Pregnancies
... Sandra Kinsella-Ryan returns from her honeymoon and announces that she's pregnant, but miscarries soon after ... ex-girlfriend Sally returns unexpectedly to Drover's, 8 months pregnant with his child ... Moira finds out she's pregnant with Phil Rakich's son in 2008, but miscarries early into the pregnancy ...

More definitions of "pregnant":

  • (adj): Filled with or attended with.
    Example: "A silence pregnant with suspense"
    Synonyms: fraught
  • (adj): Carrying developing offspring within the body or being about to produce new life.

Famous quotes containing the word pregnant:

    Our age believed herself pregnant with auspicious progeny, but when her hour came, it turned out to be dropsy.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    His very words are instinct with spirit; each is as a spark, a burning atom of inextinguishable thought; and many yet lie covered in the ashes of their birth and pregnant with a lightning which has yet found no conductor.
    Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792–1822)

    Because humans are not alone in exhibiting such behavior—bees stockpile royal jelly, birds feather their nests, mice shred paper—it’s possible that a pregnant woman who scrubs her house from floor to ceiling [just before her baby is born] is responding to a biological imperative . . . . Of course there are those who believe that . . . the burst of energy that propels a pregnant woman to clean her house is a perfectly natural response to their mother’s impending visit.
    Mary Arrigo (20th century)