Posthumous means arising, occurring, or continuing after one's death.

Posthumous or Posthumus may refer to:


  • Ladislaus the Posthumous, 15th-century monarch in Bohemia, Hungary, and Austria
  • Posthumus, a character in Shakespeare's play, Cymbeline
  • Dick Posthumus, Michigan politician
  • E.S. Posthumus, composers of electronic orchestral music


  • Posthumous (EP), an EP by The Banner
  • "Posthumus Zone," recorded/written by E.S. Posthumus, theme music for The NFL Today

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... Hao also received several posthumous titles in 1220 he was given the posthumous name "Lord of Purity" (Chinese 純公) by the emperor ... In 1241 he was given the posthumous title of "Bo of Henan" ... In 1330, an imperial decree made Hao the posthumous "Lord of Yu Kingdom " ...
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Famous quotes containing the word posthumous:

    One must be a living man and a posthumous artist.
    Jean Cocteau (1889–1963)

    Fashion, though in a strange way, represents all manly virtue. It is virtue gone to seed: it is a kind of posthumous honor. It does not often caress the great, but the children of the great: it is a hall of the Past.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)