Positive Ions

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Anode Ray - Experiments
... Goldstein called these positive rays Kanalstrahlen, "channel rays" or "canal rays", because they were produced by the holes or channels in the cathode ... When the high voltage is applied to the tube, its electric field accelerates the small number of ions (electrically charged atoms) always present in ... with atoms of the gas, knocking electrons off of them and creating more positive ions ...
Debye Sheath - Description
... In 1923 he wrote Electrons are repelled from the negative electrode while positive ions are drawn towards it ... Around each negative electrode there is thus a sheath of definite thickness containing only positive ions and neutral atoms ... Electrons are reflected from the outside surface of the sheath while all positive ions which reach the sheath are attracted to the electrode ...
... electrons' having come from the same donor atom and being coupled with the receiving ions' spins ... If the two next-to-nearest neighbor positive ions are connected at 90 degrees to the bridging non-magnetic anion, then the interaction can be a ferromagnetic interaction ... Principle dictates that between two magnetic ions with-half-occupied orbitals, which couple through an intermediary non-magnetic ion (e.g ...

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