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Chicago Polonia
... Chicago Polonia, refers to both immigrant Poles and Americans of Polish heritage living in Chicago, Illinois ... They are a part of worldwide Polonia, the proper term for the Polish Diaspora outside of Poland ... census, Poles in Chicago are the largest European American ethnic group in the city, making up 7.3% of the total population ...
Polish American History - Early 20th Century - World War I (1914–1918)
... World War I motivated Polish-Americans to contribute to the cause of defeating the Germans, freeing their homeland, and fighting for their new home ... Polish Americans vigorously supported the war effort during World War I, with large numbers volunteering for or drafted into the United States Army, working in war-related industries, and buying war bonds ... army had 220,000 Poles in its ranks and reported that Polish names made up 10 percent of the casualty lists, while the proportion of Poles in the country amounted to 4 percent ...
Polish American History - World War II
... Polish Americans were strong supporters of Roosevelt and the Allies against Nazi Germany ... Americans of Polish descent were common in all the military ranks and divisions, and were among the first to volunteer for the war effort ... Unlike World War I, mobilization of a Polish battalion did not occur ...
Polish American History - Postwar - 1960s and 1970s
... In the late 1960s and 1970s, Americans of Polish descent felt a new low in their social status ... Polish Americans were seen as bigoted and racist towards Blacks during the 1960s, as an increasing number of southern Blacks ran into conflict with Poles inside urban cities such as Detroit and Chicago ... In Detroit in particular, Polish Americans were among the last white ethnic groups to remain in the city as its demographics changed into a Black enclave ...
Polish American History - Early 20th Century - Interwar Period (1920s and 1930s) - Polish Catholic Parish Schools
... Polish-speakers in the US Year Speakers 1910a 943,781 1920a 1,077,392 1930a 965,899 1940a 801,680 1960a 581,591 1970a 419,006 1980 820,647 1990 723,483 2000 667,414 ^a Foreign-born population only ... Polish-born nuns were often used ... In 1932 about 300,000 Polish Americans were enrolled in over 600 Polish grade schools in the United States ...

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