Polarity may refer to:

  • Chemical polarity, a concept in chemistry which describes how equally bonding electrons are shared between atoms
  • Electrical polarity
  • Polarity (physics), a physical alignment of atoms
  • Cell polarity, differences in the shape, structure, and function of cells
  • Polarity in embryogenesis
  • Grammatical polarity, the distinction of affirmative and negative
  • Polarity item, the sensitiveness of some expression to negative or affirmative contexts (linguistics)
  • Polarity in international relations, a description of the distribution of power within the international system
  • Polarity therapy, a form of alternative medicine
  • Orthogonal polarity, a symmetric bilinear form in algebraic geometry
  • Polarity (game), a board game
  • Polarity (The Wedding album)
  • Polarity (Decrepit Birth album)
  • Pole and polar in classical projective geometry
  • Dualism, a state of two parts

Other articles related to "polarity":

Cell Polarity
... Cell polarity refers to spatial differences in the shape, structure, and function of cells ... Almost all cell types exhibit some sort of polarity, which enables them to carry out specialized functions ... described below, including epithelial cells with apical-basal polarity, neurons in which signals propagate in one direction from dendrites to axons, and migrating cells ...
Magnetostratigraphy - Technique - Correlation and Ages
... Because the polarity of a stratum can only be normal or reversed, variations in the rate at which the sediment accumulated can cause the thickness of a given ... Failing that, one can tie a polarity to a biostratigraphic event that has been correlated elsewhere with isotopic ages ... magnetostratigraphic column is correlated with the Global Magnetic Polarity Time Scale (GMPTS) ...
Magnetostratigraphy - Technique - Analytical Procedures
... orientations of all samples from a site are then compared and their average magnetic polarity is determined with directional statistics, most commonly Fisher statistics or bootstrapping ... magnetostratigraphic columns in which black indicates normal polarity and white is reversed polarity ...
Tantalum Capacitor - Characteristics - Polarity
... When subjected to reversed polarity (even briefly), the capacitor depolarizes and the dielectric oxide layer breaks down, which can cause it to fail even when ...

Famous quotes containing the word polarity:

    The same polarity of the male and female principle exists in nature; not only, as is obvious in animals and plants, but in the polarity of the two fundamental functions, that of receiving and penetrating. It is the polarity of earth and rain, of the river and the ocean, of night and day, of darkness and light, of matter and spirit.
    Erich Fromm (1900–1980)