Play Station 3 Hardware

Play Station 3 Hardware

PlayStation 3 hardware comprises both the internal systems of the console itself and a number of peripherals such as the DualShock 3 controller.

Unless otherwise noted, the following specifications are based on a press release by Sony at the E3 2005 conference, and slides from a Sony presentation at the 2006 Game Developer's Conference.

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Play Station 3 Hardware - Backward Compatibility
... The PlayStation 3 does not include interfaces for legacy PlayStation peripherals, though tested a legacy controller using a PS2-to-USB adapter, finding that it is compatible, though most other devices (such as ... with the release of firmware 1.70 for the PlayStation 3, Sony has added support for previous Guitar Hero controllers with generic PS2-to-USB adapters (although the ... Nyko started production on the "Play Adaptor", a PS2-to-USB adapter allowing for guitars and other PlayStation 2 peripherals to be used on the PlayStation 3 and was scheduled for ...

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