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In Puzzle modes, different puzzle scenarios are presented for which there are only a limited set of solutions. In some modes, a "hint" button is available which provides a solution hint when pressed. Each Puzzle mode features six ten-stage levels. There are two standard Puzzle modes. In each, progress is saved with the clearing of each separate stage.

  • Basic Puzzles: Each stage features a particular arrangement of blocks which must be completely cleared, for which the player is allowed only a limited number of moves.
  • Advanced Puzzles: Unlocked when all Basic Puzzles are cleared. Advanced Puzzles play similarly, but with higher difficulty.

In addition, there are two new Puzzle modes. In these modes, progress is only saved upon the completion of the entire level.

  • Active Puzzles: As in the standard Puzzle modes, the puzzles feature particular arrangements of blocks which must be fully cleared; but there is no limitation on the number of moves, all the blocks must be cleared in a single un-broken chain, and the hint button cannot be used.
  • Mission: In Mission mode, each stage features a different objective.

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