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Sam Bradford - College Career - Sophomore Season
... Tebow, however, collected more first-place votes, 309, while Bradford got 300 ... most points thanks to the help of his 315 second-place votes. 2008 Heisman Trophy Finalist Voting Finalist First place votes (3 pts ...
NL Cy Young - Notes
... is Score = 7F + 4S + 3T + 2FO + 1 FI, where F is the number of first place votes, S is second place votes, T is third place votes, FO is fourth place votes and FI is fifth place votes ...
Steve Slaton - College Career - Awards and Honors
... Slaton finished with 6 1st place votes, 51 2nd place votes, and 94 3rd place votes for 214 total points ...
Reggie Bush - College Career - Legacy
... He had 784 first-place votes while University of Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young finished second with 79 first-place votes, an overall edge in voting points of 2,541 to Young's 1,608 ... Teammate Matt Leinart came in third with 18 first-place votes ... Bush had the second most first-place votes and the second-highest total points in the history of Heisman voting at that time, behind only O.J ...
Colt Mc Coy - College Career - College Awards and Honors - Candidate For Heisman and Other National Awards
... Tim Tebow, quarterback of the Florida Gators, has a vote as the 2007 winner ... Seven games into the season he said that McCoy would have his vote at that point in the season ... Harrell received 44 points and 7 first-place votes while McCoy had 34 points and 2 first-place votes ...

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    Yet do not I invite
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    Nor bid the unwilling senator
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    Every one to his chosen work.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The bar is the male kingdom. For centuries it was the bastion of male privilege, the gathering place for men away from their women, a place where men could go to freely indulge in The Bull Session ... the release of the guilty anxiety of the oppressor class.
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