Pivotal CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software system offered by Aptean (formerly CDC Software), an enterprise software and service company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The Pivotal CRM suite includes software tools for sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and lead management, and customer service automation, as well as partner management, mobile CRM, analytics and call scripting. Industry specific versions of the Pivotal CRM suite are also offered for several industries, including institutional asset management, mutual fund wholesaling, capital markets, commercial banking, private banking, home building and real estate, healthcare, and legal services, among others. Built on the Microsoft.NET Framework, Pivotal CRM embeds several commonly used Microsoft business products within the CRM system, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Visual Studio.

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... Early versions of Pivotal CRM employed a proprietary scripting language and development environment ... Owing to the success of the early Pivotal versions, and the initial absence of any strategy on the vendor's part to migrate customers to Pivotal's next-generation platform, many of the largest ...

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