Pitman may refer to:

  • Pitman, New Jersey
  • Pitman, Pennsylvania
  • Pitman, Saskatchewan
  • Pitman Shorthand, a system of shorthand
  • Pitman arm, a vehicle steering component
  • A connecting rod in an engine
  • Pitman (video game), a videogame for the Game Boy

as a surname:

  • Benjamin Pitman, promoter of Pitman's shorthand in the United States
  • Benjamin Pitman (Hawaii), New England and Hawaiian businessman
  • Chris Pitman, synthist for the U.S. band Guns N' Roses
  • Andrew Pitman, Australian climate scientist
  • Brett Pitman, a professional footballer currently playing for Bristol City FC
  • E.J.G. Pitman, a statistician noted for the Pitman-Koopman-Darmois theorem concerning exponential families of probability distributions
  • Frederick Pitman, British Olympic rower
  • Frederick I Pitman, British rower and Boat Race umpire (father of Frederick)
  • Herbert Pitman, third officer on the RMS Titanic
  • Isaac Pitman, inventor of Pitman Shorthand
  • James Pitman, inventor of the Initial Teaching Alphabet
  • Jenny Pitman, British racehorse trainer and author
  • Kent Pitman, Lisp expert
  • Marie J. Davis Pitman (pen name Margery Deane), United States author of the 19th century (see "Pitman, Marie J.". Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography. 1900.)
  • MC Pitman, an East Midlands English rapper
  • Robert Carter Pitman, 19th century Massachusetts legislator and author
  • Walter Pitman, an educator and former politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Walter C. Pitman, III, a geophysicist and a professor emeritus at Columbia University

Other articles related to "pitman":

Benjamin Pitman
... Benjamin Pitman (July 24, 1822 - December 28, 1910), also known as Benn Pitman, was an English-born author and popularizer in the United States of Pitman shorthand, a form of what ...
The Demise of The Saw Pit
... or perfected by the Dutchman Cornelis Corneliszoon (1550–1607) who applied a pitman arm onto a wind mill, which converted a turning motion into an up-an-d ... on his sawmill on December 15, 1593, and on the pitman arm device on December 6, 1597 ... was changed to back-and-forth motion of the saw blade by the pitman arm or rod ...
John Pitman (judge)
... John Pitman (February 23, 1785 – November 17, 1864) was a United States federal judge ... Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Pitman was educated at Brown University, receiving an A.B ... On August 4, 1824, Pitman received a recess appointment from President James Monroe to a seat on the United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island ...
Munson Shorthand
... It is a slightly revised version of Pitman shorthand designed to make it more systematic ... Many of the symbols are identical to Pitman's ... unvoiced consonants by writing the former more darkly is taken directly from Pitman ...