Defoe can refer to:


  • Annette DeFoe (1890-1960), American silent film actress
  • Daniel Defoe (c. 1659 to 1661-1731), English trader, writer, journalist and pamphleteer best known for writing Robinson Crusoe
  • Gideon Defoe (born 1975), author of Pirates!
  • Jermain Defoe (born 1982), English footballer who plays for Tottenham Hotspur

Other uses:

  • Defoe Shipbuilding Company, a former shipyard in Bay City, Michigan
  • Defoe, Webster County, West Virginia, an unincorporated community
  • Operation Defoe, a Second World War reconnaissance by the British Special Air Service
  • Defoe (comics), a zombie story

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Central Line (band) - Career
... were Steve Salvari, Camelle Hinds, Lipson Francis and Henry Defoe ... Hinds, Francis and Defoe were previously in a band called TFB (Typical Funk Band), which had contained members that would go on to form Light of the World ... player and the band members then stood at Salvari, Hinds, Francis, Defoe and Kennedy ...
Defoe (comics)
... Titus Defoe is a comics character in an eponymous story published in the British science fiction anthology 2000 AD ... Defoe is a zombie hunter in an alternative 17th Century London overrun by plagues of zombies after a comet struck England in 1666 ... Defoe and his companions keep the undead plagues at bay using weapons devised by the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Robert Hooke ...
Pros & Cons (comic Strip) - Characters
... Stan Defoe, a tough-talking detective, is dedicated and street-wise ... Sophie Defoe, Stan's sister, is the sagacious proprietor of 'Defoe’s Diner' ...
Salathiel Lovell - Judicial Reputation
... The writer and pamphleteer Daniel Defoe wrote of him "He trades in Justice and the Souls of Men, And prostitutes them equally to Gain." Unfortunately for Defoe, Lovell ... He sentenced Defoe to pay an impossibly punitive fine, be publicly humiliated for days in a pillory and to serve an indeterminate term of imprisonment decreeing that Defoe only be ... Defoe's financial circumstances were such that he was unable to pay the fine ...

Famous quotes containing the word defoe:

    And of all plagues with which mankind are curst,
    Ecclesiastic tyranny’s the worst.
    —Daniel Defoe (1659–1731)

    We loved the doctrine for the teacher’s sake.
    —Daniel Defoe (1660–1731)